Armour (2017)

Armour is a six month pilot project with homeless veterans, developing creative ideas based on medieval armour. How can veterans live peacefully with the memory of war? We will re-think, re-examine, re-create quilted medieval armour, as garments embroidered with meditations on war and peace.

Lee, Armour project

Workshops discuss how we protect our deeper selves and how we heal. Discussions are edited to create a collection of poems. Based at The Booth Centre homeless resource centre in Manchester, we are involving organisations working with veterans, partner art/museum venues to research and to exhibit the artwork.

“Never written a poem before,” several people have said. But these pieces weren’t just a technical exercise, they were a gesture of courage and connection. They overthrew defensiveness and they let in life.

Armour is supported by Arts Council England and The Booth Centre.

Locations: The Booth Centre, Manchester. Tom Harrison House, Liverpool. Imperial War Museum North   Royal Armouries Leeds

More information blogs

Support organisations Walking with the Wounded

Angels, Peter Twigg

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