Whisper to me alone (2020)

WHISPER TO ME ALONE gathered experiences and insights of people who are affected by homelessness in Manchester during the Covid 19 crisis. We’re using a mix of journals of writing, art and song lyrics. 

We invited words and images reflecting people’s day-to-day lives and their wider thoughts too. Inspiration has come from journals and sketchbooks of the 19th Century, including people from that time with experience of homelessness. Although lockdown is difficult, positive things can come from crisis and we have tried to look for the brightness, turn our faces to the sun. (In fact, artworks from this project will also feed into our global quilt Here Comes the Sun.

Words and images from the journals, are shared online to make a many-voiced account of this time and will later appear in a gallery exhibition. An album of songs adapted by songwriter Matt Hill, have been recorded together with participants over the phone, you can listen here.

This project has received emergency response funding from Arts Council England, to respond to the Covid 19 lockdown.

“… a hare paused amid the gorse and trembling bellflowers and said its prayer to the rainbow…”

Arthur Rimbaud (translation John Ashberry)

WHISPER TO ME ALONE is supported by Arts Council England. Partners include The Booth Centre, Back on Track, Bury Art Museum and With One Voice Arts and Homelessness International.

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