Things to do (2016-17)


Things to do is a pioneering pilot project, a collaboration with people living with dementia, arthur+martha, Bury Council and others, redefining relationships with art, carers and the self. It is resulting in workshops and test-driving of draft pages of a creative activity book.

The book is intended for independent use by people with dementia – something never attempted before. We are taking the normal everyday things of life and inviting people to play creative games with them. When living with a physical or mental problem, the mechanics of life can sometimes take over, squashing individuality.

The pilot for this new arts activity book will give individuals an opportunity to explore and nourish their creative individuality. They will contribute to a resource that they can use independently to stimulate independent thought and creativity, to bring welcome distraction, focus, pleasure in achievement and space for self-reflection.

Most crucially, this activity is intended to help re-think living with dementia, for all concerned.


Participants:  65

Supported by:  Bury Council, Making Space and Persona.

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