The Homeless Library (2014-2017)



The first history of British homelessness. A collection of books handmade by homeless people, reflecting on their lives and how they connect with the wider, previously unwritten heritage of homelessness. The books describe lived experience in interviews, poetry, art.

Many homeless people live and die as “invisibles” who are not valued or acknowledged. This project seeks to redress that balance – and in doing so, help rebuild the self-image of profoundly excluded and damaged people.

Workshops took place in homeless resource centres in Greater Manchester. The Homeless Library was launched at the Houses of Parliament in May 2016, where they were welcomed by the Undersecretary of State Marcus Jones and Ann Coffey MP who listened to speeches by homeless participants. It made its public debut at The Southbank, London, accompanied by an online ebook. This exhibition was reviewed in The Lancet as a significant contribution to the welfare of homeless people.



180 people aged 18 – 95


2017 Pop-up exhibitions at The Booth Centre, The People’s History Museum and Gallery Oldham. Audience number 135

2017 Archives+ at Manchester Central Library. Audience approx  57,000

2016/17 Bury Art Museum. Audience number 5980

2016 University of Glasgow Audience number 60

2016 The Poetry Library, Festival Hall, The Southbank, London. Audience number 4500.

2016 The Houses of Parliament, London. Audience approx 700

Total exhibition audience 68,375


On-Line Audience  40,000 and growing

More Information

Free ebook

Blogged interviews, evaluations, session feedback, news arthur-and-martha

Documentary Film   HomelessLibrary  and

On-line portfolio arthur-and-martha

Poem collection arthur-and-martha-poems

Social Media #HomelessLibrary

Sound recordings

Instagram arthur.and.martha

Media and Press coverage

BBC Manchester Radio 2017, Interview with Philip Davenport

BBC Breakfast News 2017

That’s Manchester  TV 2017 The Homeless Library

The Lancet 2016 the-lancet

Time Out 2016

Manchester Council 2017

Manchester Histories Festival 2017 manchesterhistoriesfestival

Loving Manchester 2017


2016 Lois Blackburn and Philip Davenport presented to House of Lords about the project for the Case Study for All Party Parliamentary Group  artshealthandwellbeing



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