Salford (2012)

arthur+martha worked at a ‘Buddy Cafe’ for people diagnosed with dementia and their carers in Salford.  The pieces formed a collection of poems, interviews and artworks that attempted to reflect what its like living with dementia. We tried to trace paths through the jargon and confusion, towards understanding. Some of these pieces are interviews, others creative work.  


Our focus was to engage both carers and individuals with a dementia diagnosis to explore their own dementia journey and related areas. We worked with Dr Caroline Swarbrick from The University of Manchester who used more formal research, we hoped that this unique combination of research methods, created a rich source of material  from which to draw up recommendations for the future commissioning of service.

This project was a partnership with Age UK Salford and Salford PCT.

More information

Videos on youtube Tea or coffee?   Shirley and Ray    3 carers

Our blog site Salford

Our on-line portfolio

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