arthur+martha have pioneered ways of working unique in arts and health.

We use avant garde approaches to writing and art making that allow an unprecedented degree of self-expression to people (particularly homeless people and older people including those living with dementia) who are often marginalised. To have a voice and be acknowledged is a powerful need in all people and by helping achieve this we boost self-esteem and well-being and promote understanding in wider society.



In the last year, they have completed their first international project Sing me to Sleep, and devised and delivered two other projects: The Homeless Library and Stitching the Wars. They have presented evidence to an Arts and Health All Party Round Table at The House of Lords. Recent U.K. exhibition venues include The House of Commons and The Southbank.

arthur+martha book publications include:

Patience, an insider’s guide to ill health, currently out of print.

Making Memories, a book of creative recipes for activities with older people, available from arthur+martha

The Homeless Library, available as a free on-line ebook 

The Warm/&/the cold, (arthur+martha poems 2009-2014) to be published 2017

Stitching the Wars, to be published 2017

front cover

Philip Davenport and Lois Blackburn have shared projects at many conferences including:

2016 Outside-in/Inside-out University of Glasgow

2014  9th UK Dementia Congress, Brighton

2011  Combating older people’s loneliness and social isolation  London. Presenting the project ‘Four Acre.’ with St Helens Arts Service.