arthur+martha is an experimental arts organisation based in the UK. Our aim is to help people find their creative voice, building confidence, self esteem, self worth, through art and writing. We work with older people, people living with dementia, homeless people.

Being heard is a human necessity that can get forgotten in a hectic care home, or busy world. We bring attention to the visions and words of people who are sometimes lost in the corners.

arthur+martha is directed by artist Lois Blackburn and poet Philip Davenport, with the assistance of a team of guest writers, artists, designer makers, students and invaluable volunteers.


Since 2007, Davenport and Blackburn have co-directed and delivered all projects for arthur+martha CIC, taking joint responsibility for managerial decisions. They devise, design, project manage, liaise and work with host venues, partners, volunteers, manage budgets, deliver projects, create bespoke promotional materials, evaluate and write appropriate reports.

arthur+martha is a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered 11th June 2007, company number 6275774.

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